Sunday, March 06, 2005

Fay Canyon Trail

The day started off overcast and rainy. Because of road closures around the forest, we parked at the Boyton Canyon Trail parking area and walked to Fay Canyon Trailhead. By the time we hit the trail, the rain stopped. Eventually, the weather cleared and the sun came out, giving us a beautiful hiking day.

Instead of hiking up to Fay Canyon Arch (see our hike last month), we went to the end of the trail and explored what the Magnum's book describes as a ship prow shaped "fin." Ascending to the base of the fin gave us fantastic views down the canyon towards Sedona. Thinking there was a route to the top of the fin, where the views could only get better, we skirted the base of the formation until we reached a gully. We explored for a route to the top, and opted to go up another formation across the gully. After a lot of bush whacking, we were rewarded with a lovely place to have lunch and enjoy the remarkable view down the canyon.

Two photos from this hike have been posted below. Visit my Earth Gallery to see all the photos from this hike.