Saturday, March 05, 2005

Arizona Cypress Trail Redux

We returned to the Cockscomb Trails area to try Arizona Cypress Trail again. When we'd hiked the Cockscomb Trails at the end of January, the creek was very high, and instead of wading across at the last crossing, we decided to try to take Arizona Cypress up to the road. Well, we had to bushwhack quite aways before we found the trail, which according to the map follows the creek. This week, we followed AZ Cypress down from its trailhead, and we discovered the reason we couldn't find the trail is because at some points, it is in the creek. When the creek is actually running high, there's no way to stay on the trail. We found the crossing over to OK Trail - good thing we didn't try it, the water would have been over our heads.

It was a short hike this time, even though there are miles of trails in the Cockscomb Trail system. We had a nice picnic near the creek, looked for pretty rocks along the banks, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Photos from this hike will be posted in my Earth Gallery in a week or two. Two photos have been posted below.